Guaranteed Daily Experiences :: Shiraz

Guaranteed Daily Experiences

We fly you to the World of the Fabulous East by gratis thematic programmes. It is either a wellness programme, food taste or an evening entertaining programme in the world of the 1001 Nights everything is given to feel special!

In the Arabic Bath House we offer you the following programmes every day:

From 11:00 either “awakening with a coffee” or “citrus refreshment” refreshing sauna - séance

From 15.30 Hammam tradition, then mint tea serving

From 17.30 fruit plate with rose or orange water

From 18.30 “Beer swoosh” sauna – séance

In the Casablanca bar we offer you the following programmes every day:

From 17:00 drinking Moroccan tea

From 21:30 narghile séance

From 20:00 drinking Moroccan tea in the Shiraz restaurant and in the Dubai Garden

From 22:00 sampling special cheese of the Bükk

In the evenings there is a special music show in the Casablanca bar, depending on the reservations in the hotel.

Every Saturday we organize a Moroccan day, with oriental belly dance show, sampling Moroccan dishes, drinking mint tea and narghile séance!