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Special massages

While creating our massage treatments and special rituals, our primary objective was to achieve uniqueness and diversity. Thanks to the premium quality materials and the unique and different massage techniques, there are no two identical treatments in our SPA offer. Depending on the type of the chosen treatment, we guarantee the feel of tight and velvety-smooth skin, the energizing effect of dynamic blood circulation and the moments of the stress-relieving relaxation. Our skilled colleagues are at your service to help you to choose the most appropriate treatment so that your well-deserved days of rest will be as a few weeks of holiday.


Refreshing foot massage for tired legs

(circulation boosting foot massage with goat milk)

Thanks to the treatment, the blood supply of the organs increases, the body's metabolism and the lymph’s circulation improve and the body’s self-healing forces are mobilized. The purpose of the treatment is to restore the energy balance, which is the precondition of the body’s healthy operation. We recommend this massage after a long journey, to start your holiday properly.

30 minutes – HUF 7,700

Aroma Body Massage

(with optional essential oils)

The various oils are the essential drops for the body and soul, which hide the energy of plants and flowers in small bottles. During the refreshing massage, due to the effect of the special oils, the muscles of the body relax and are filled with energy. The 30-minute treatment is a back massage, while the longer, 50-minute treatment is a full body massage. We match our essential oils to the mood and spirituality of the guest.

  • Cherry-vanilla natural: mood-enhancing, aphrodisiac;
  • Rose: harmonizing, aphrodisiac;
  • Sweet-scented bedstraw: calming, stress-relieving;
  • "Cold" - blend of orange-rose-atlas-cedar essences: warming and soothing effect;
  • Mixture of "sun-warm" – lemon balm-ylang-ylang-patchouli essences: cooling, refreshing, vitalizing effect.

30 minutes – HUF 9,700

50 minutes – HUF 13,700

„Beduin’s awakening”

(Refreshing coffee treatment with body scrub, body wrap and massage)

Join us and have an intoxicating 60-minute coffee break. The enzymatic coffee peeling - pack used for the treatment is made from genuine Arabica coffee. It has gently exfoliating, refreshing, stimulating and anti-aging effects. After use, the dead skin cells are removed, the skin regains its softness, and the valuable ingredients are easily absorbed. The Adventure Coffee Oil used for the massage makes the skin firm, and thanks to its circulation enhancing effect, the waste material, the fat, and the excess liquid deposited in the connective tissues are removed more easily. Slimming, refreshing and invigorating effect with the stimulating and natural scent of coffee.

60 minutes – HUF 17,700

Candle Ceremony

(Body scrub with massage)

The treatment is done with a special body scrub containing the enzymatic pineapple peeling and the scented mixture of medicinal herbs (hamamelis, lavender, chamomile, marigold, peppermint and rose petals) that relax, calm and detoxify the skin. After that, the nicely warm massage cream, containing a selection of butters and oils, is spread gently along your spine, which fills the room with the scent of orange blossom, while our masseur relaxes you with a pampering massage.

45 minutes – HUF 10,700

Luxury caviar facial treatment

(Special face massage with caviar sheets)

During the soft treatment which satisfies all needs for luxury, caviar matrix sheet is used, which is dried by the unique sea breeze, so it allows the highest possible concentration of active ingredients. Thanks to the caviar, the Phytos-qualane and the seaweed extracts, it regenerates, revitalises the skin, and works as an effective anti-aging therapy. The end result is intensely moisturized, smooth, silky and velvety skin.

50 minutes – HUF 19,700

Chocolate massage

(aromatherapeutic pampering body massage)

Thanks to the more than 800 molecules, the chocolate has exceptional mood improving, sedative and anti-anxiety effects. Due to its dissolved mineral content, the chocolate hydrates and tones the skin and helps to slow down aging.The 75-minute treatment includes, in addition to the body wrap, a chocolate facial massage for your renewal from head to toe.

60 minutes – HUF 18,700

75 minutes – HUF 22,700

„Ras el Hanout”

(Moroccan spicy body scrub, with massage)

The refreshing massage is preceded by a full body scrub made with the special "ras el hanout" spice mixture. It contains special refreshing, stimulating spices (e.g. ginger, mandarin, cardamom, clove, cumin, nutmeg, turmeric).

During the 30-minute treatment, the body scrub is followed by a refreshing back massage.

The 60-minute treatment, after the body scrubbing, contains a refreshing goat milk joint balm foot massage. The foot massage is followed by a complete back-shoulder massage with the Oriental Dream Oil Composition, which, with its skin-care oils and wonderful ylang-ylang, bergamot and patchouli aromas, takes you to the world of Thousand Nights.

30 minutes – HUF 10,700

60 minutes – HUF 13,700

„Syrah’s Way”

(Skin firming grape marc body treatment with body scrub, wrap and massage)

The grape marc that makes up the “soul” of the wine contains most of the anti-aging flavonoids, which can be called the elixir of youth, and, as a result, the muscles relax from the body scrub and the body gets rid of the toxins. The antioxidant-rich grape marc & wine skin pack fills the skin with essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins. After the massage with the grape seed oil, the skin becomes firm, smooth, refreshed and youthful. Choose the treatment (treatment with white wine or red wine) you like best.

75 minutes – HUF 18,700

„Casablanca ritual”

(Exclusive body treatment with lavender flowers, body wrap, body scrub, massage)

During the fabulous ritual, the lavender body scrub removes the dead skin cells and the skin becomes smooth and soft. The special fruity-creamy pack regulates the hair and the skin’s lipid metabolism with the vital vitamins E and H. In addition, it is very rich in minerals and trace elements, which make your metabolism and circulation quicker. The treatment is closed with a relaxing massage combined with high quality oil.

60 minutes – HUF 17,700

Apple stem cell face-décolletage treatment

(with massage, pack, firming face mask)

The plant stem cell protects the skin cells, prolongs their life, preserves the skin's vitality and youthful look. During the treatment, the face and the décolletage are treated with premium quality regenerative and anti-wrinkle active ingredients. Thanks to the special ingredients of the Apple Stem Cell Cream, it does not only hydrate, but, due to its anti-wrinkle effect, effectively fights against the aging of the skin. The active ingredients positively influence the regeneration of the cells; your skin becomes visibly smooth, youthfully fresh and brilliant.

This treatment is especially recommended for the dry, dehydrated skin.

50 minutes - HUF 17,700

Oriental rose face care

(rose and carrot face scrub, rose massage cream, argan oil)

The gentle scent of the rose appears in this oriental facial treatment with precious fineness. The face peeling is done with a sugar face scrub soaked in natural vegetable oil. Afterwards, you receive gentle massage with an aromatic Rose balm, then using the Akwaterra warm tools, organic argan oil is massaged softly into your skin. As a closing of the treatment, your face skin is toned with smoothing movements using rose moisturizing cream.

50 minutes – HUF 16,700

Special Oriental Massage Rituals

Bamboo Massage

(Body massage with bamboo rods)

The Bamboo Massage, done with bamboo rods, is an exclusive massage developed by Gerard's; it is ideal for both men and women. The lymph cleaning effect is mixed with the beneficial effects of the reflexology and stimulates both the blood and the lymphatic circulation, and creates a general good feeling, which spreads throughout the body, and is beneficial for the soul, as well.

30 minutes – HUF 10,700

60 minutes – HUF 16,700

Yantra massage

(Lotus oil, a special massage with body butter)

This refreshing, stress-relieving and diuretic therapy cannot be compared to anything else; it makes the guests forget their everyday worries. In this treatment, the oriental massage techniques and the premium-quality products used for the perfect skin are united. A perfect solution to forget the unpleasant side-effects of stress, fatigue and sedentary work, for men and women alike.

60 minutes – HUF 17,700

Tibetan massage

(Body massage with Tibetan bags)

A truly relaxing massage which pampers both the body and the soul.

The massage made with small bags filled with tiny pebbles relaxes and soothes the guest who wishes to break away from the constant stress of everyday life. This treatment has detoxifying, lymph-boosting and stress-relieving effects. A special Tibetan salt is used for treatment, which improves the structure of the skin without artificial chemicals, and makes it silky soft.

60 minutes – HUF 19,700

Bath Programs

Massai bath for couples

Thanks to the intoxicating bath salts, the fragrant flower petals, the candles, and a pleasant cup of tea, it is a rare opportunity for you and your partner to totally exclude the outside world, to relax, and forget the daily stress with a little romance in the grey everyday life.

30 minutes – HUF 11,700 /2 persons

Fezzan Bath

Private use of the Fezzan chamber

The ghassoul natural volcanic clay is a raw material in the Berber beauty care. The Berber women and men have been using it for thousands of years, and also many other bathing cultures have included it into their beauty rituals. Used as a pack on the body, face and hair, it 'removes' the toxins from the body, firms the skin and improves the skin’s blood circulation.


25 minutes – HUF 8,700 /2 persons

Pampering renewal for couples

Private use of the Fezzan chamber

This whole body treatment is recommended to anyone, especially for those with dry and sensitive skin. By its general use, the skin will be soft, silky and refreshed. It prevents the formation of premature wrinkles. During the program, the couples pamper each other with a fragrant, fruity cream pack, then with a rose water body scrub and finally with a skin-caring, toning and moisturizing oil mixture.

Fruity cream pack, Rose bloom, sugar and poppy body scrub, skin care oil mixture

30 minutes – HUF 10,700 /2 persons

Open: 8:00-20:00

If any reserved program is cancelled within 6 hours, 50% fee is payable, and if you fail to cancel it, 100% cancellation fee is charged to your account.

Our massages and programs are not considered as medical treatments. Please contact our staff for more information about the effects and the courses of the treatments.