Special massages - Shiraz

Special massages

While creating our massage treatments and special rituals, our primary objective was to achieve uniqueness and diversity. Thanks to the premium quality materials and the unique and different massage techniques, there are not any identical treatments on our SPA offer. Depending on the type of the chosen massage, we guarantee the tight and velvety smooth feel of your skin, the energizing effect of your improved blood circulation and the moments of stress-reducing relaxation. Our colleagues are happy to be at your service and help you find the most suitable treatment so that the few days of your well-deserved rest will be as relaxing as a few weeks of holiday.



During the massage, we use the premium quality and delightfully scented Shiraz oil composition developed specially for our Hotel to pamper your skin. This composition contains valuable Argan, Macadam nut, Grape seed, and Aloe vera oils to nourish your skin. And the lavender, the vanilla, the rosemary, the ginger and the sandalwood essences guarantee the fabulous scent that takes you to the Moroccan bazaars.

Partial body massage: 30 minutes - HUF 11,400

Full body massage: 50 minutes - HUF 16,900

SWEET EAST - Shea butter body massage

A real specialty from the wonderful Eastern Empire. The easily absorbing Organic Shea butter has a long-lasting moisturizing effect. In addition to its rich fatty acid content, it contains many vitamins A, E and F, so it is easily absorbed, and reduces the dryness of the skin quickly and effectively. Let our luxury scents take you on an imaginary journey. Choose one from our fragrance compositions that suits your mood, and we make your holiday truly fabulous.

Our optional Shea butter fragrance compositions:

Oriental Journey (amber, musk and sandalwood)


Journey on the Spice Road (vanilla, patchouli and amber)

Taj Palace (roses and frankincense)

50 minutes - HUF 18,700


With Moroccan spicy body scrub and massage

The special massage is started with a full body scrub using the special "ras el hanout" spice mixture. It contains special refreshing and stimulating spices (e.g. ginger, mandarin, cardamom, clove, cumin, nutmeg, turmeric). After the body scrub, we use the premium quality and delightfully scented Shiraz oil composition developed especially for our Hotel to pamper your skin, as part of the full body massage.

60 minutes - HUF 20,400

23 CARAT GOLD anti-aging facial treatment

La Sultane de Saba is a real luxury anti-aging face ritual. During the treatment, we cleanse your face with 23 carat gold particles. After facial scrub, we pamper your facial skin with vitamin-rich caviar extract and hyaluronic acid. While the 23-carat gold anti-aging face mask exerts its effect, we massage our hands with shea butter, which gives a soft scent of patchouli, cedar and amber. At the end of the treatment, your skin is hydrated with a golden elixir and face cream. Ideal treatment for aging, dehydrated skin.

70 minutes – HUF 22,700

AKWATERRA - revitalizing body treatment

With body scrub, body wrap and massage

An authentic beauty-inspired ritual that revitalizes the body and invites you to an imaginary journey. This treatment provides a truly special experience: we scrub your whole body with sea salt body scrub soaked in vegetable oil. As a result, the pores open up to receive the valuable materials. While your skin becomes one with the delicate wrap, we pamper you with a facial and scalp massage. Finally, we massage your body thoroughly by hand and using unique warm Akwaterra tools. The muscles are deeply relaxed so by unleashing our senses, we can begin our fabulous journey.

100 minutes – HUF 24,900

IMPERIAL SHIRAZ – massage for men

Body oil made from natural vegetable oils, with a warm and spicy scent developed specifically for men. It has a nourishing and moisturizing effect, and its freshness is given by the harmonious combination of the lemon and the lavender. This special combination makes an attractive and strong impression.

50 minutes - HUF 18,700



The massage with aromatic coffee oil is the perfect immersion into the experience of rebirth. The caffeine in the coffee hydrates and tightens your skin, makes it velvety smooth and replenishes the missing minerals, and it also has a refreshing effect on the soul. It has a beneficial effect on women’s sworn enemy: the cellulite.

Partial body massage:
30 minutes - HUF 11,400

Full body massage:
50 minutes – HUF 16,900


With body scrub and special Shea butter massage

Pamper your body with our special treatment, where we first massage you with a skin scrub made of silk protein which makes your skin velvety and has a firming effect. The silk protein effectively removes the dead epithelial cells from the skin while hydrates and covers it with a gentle perfumed veil. A treasure which affects the true senses. We then continue the full body massage with a mixture of precious oils and Organic Shea Butter, which nourishes your skin both in the winter and summer perfectly, and makes it velvety soft.

Choose the silk protein essence that suits your mood and your holiday will be truly fabulous.

Optional Shea butter fragrance compositions

Oriental journey with Amber, Musk and Sandalwood scents

Joyful journey with Orange blossom scent

Taj Palace with Rose and Frankincense scents

70 minutes - HUF 21,700


With peeling wrap and massage

Join us and have an intoxicating 60-minute coffee break. The enzymatic coffee peeling - wrap used for the treatment is made from genuine Arabica coffee. It has gently exfoliating, refreshing, stimulating and anti-aging effects. After use, the dead skin cells are removed, the skin regains its softness, and the valuable ingredients are easily absorbed. The Adventure Coffee Oil used for the massage makes the skin firm, and thanks to its circulation-enhancing effect, the waste material, the fat, and the excess liquid deposited in the connective tissues are removed more easily.

60 minutes - HUF 21,400


The Ayurvedic-inspired massage, developed for expectant mothers, helps them become more beautiful and fit. The properties of the main products containing natural and hypoallergenic formulas, and the special movements of the massage tone the body and stimulate the blood circulation of the skin. In addition, the massage can dramatically reduce the back pain, the cramps and the tension they feel in the legs and the calves.

50 minutes - HUF 18,400


Circulation-boosting foot massage with goat milk

Due to the cooling, pain-killing ingredients of the joint balm with goat milk (menthol, camphor, witch-hazel), it immediately eases the feel of tired legs. The ingredients of the avocado and sunflower seed oils are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and nourish the skin with valuable vitamins A and E.

30 minutes - HUF 8,900

After our body treatments, we present you with a cup of tea to make your relaxation even more complete.

Opening hours: between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

If any ordered program is cancelled within 1 day, 50% of the program’s value is payable, and if you fail to cancel it, 100% cancellation fee is charged.

Our massages and programs are not considered as medical treatments. Please contact our staff for more information about their effects and the courses.